Cast To Hell

by Bite Back

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C.T.H 2014
i will burn in hell, but i'll sit in his chair.
tapes coming out through hombre records soon.


released February 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Bite Back Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Consumed by Grief
forced by my own hand,
emotion vexed.
indebted to pain,
never forget what i felt.
i'm left in a cold grave,
punishment for my greed.
i cant change the past,
i deserve what i get.

suffer in silence,
consumed by grief.
caused my own pain,
never at peace.

i'm left in a cold grave,
punishment for my greed.
suffer in silence,
consumed by grief.

nothing can save me,
more then you'll ever know.
stuck in this day dream,
theres no way out of this hell.

i deserve what i get,
and i expect no less.
Track Name: Bound From Birth
forever trapped,
by the words you spoke.
live with regret,
i tried to help.

despite good intentions,
i was cast to hell.

banished from my fate,
a place im familiar.
heard it all before,
and it all seems so similar.

i'm bound from birth,
i never asked for this.
but i tried to help,
now im living in darkness.

i will burn in hell,
but i'll sit in his chair.
Track Name: Cast To Hell
those things i did,
can't forget the memory.
now i'm forced to live,
this pain and misery.
burned my last bridge,
there's nothing left to say.
will never make a change,
too stuck in my selfish way.

i've been thinking about life,
doing right is so hard.
I'll look for the light,
by taking stabs in the dark.
i'm Just trying to do enough good deeds,
so my soul, can rest in peace.
cause I need,
that feeling of leaving.
the solid ground,
thats beneath me.

for i am lost,
this is what i have chosen.
burdened by weakness.
cast to hell.